Saying Hello, Then Saying Goodbye

It’s never easy losing someone we love. Losing your unborn or just born baby is devastating. The hours or sometimes minutes to hold your baby is never enough time spent.

Because time is so short, I suggest that you slow down, just hold, bathe, dress and love your baby. Let siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins meet and hold your precious little one. Take pictures, lots of pictures, this is the only time you are able to do that.

Once you get home without your baby, I again need to say, stop and slow down. It’s ok to cry,  take your time to grieve. Women and men grieve differently. There is no “right or wrong way” to grieve, however, when you grieve differently you feel that you are all alone in this journey.

After a few months, you may want to start reading books, join a support group, journal, or maybe not, and that’s ok! People will tell you to “get over it”, “you can have another baby”, “it happened for a reason” and other rude remarks and statements. Remember they have never lost a baby or they would be much kinder to you. Surround yourself with the people who will listen to your story and support you. Never stop telling your story. Your life has changed forever you will never be the same.